Accounting and Bookkeeping

Shrinivas, Elliot & Eday LLP has a team of experienced and skilled accountants and bookkeepers who can function as your accounting/bookkeeping department and help you maintain accurate accounting records. Good accounting records are an important foundation for generating management reports that help you manage your business. Our staff can either work at your office or work off-site in our office through remote secure access. Some of the services our accounting and bookkeeping team can provide you:

i. Maintaining a detailed general ledger including bank activity, integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory system
ii. Monthly bank reconciliations
iii. Invoicing of sales and recording collections
iv. Monitoring of accounts receivables and collections follow up
v. Entering vendor invoices and managing accounts payable
vi. Managing payroll and payroll tax reporting
vii. Managing sales tax by jurisdiction and sales tax reporting
viii. A thorough analysis of your gross profit margins by product/service to enhance decision making
ix. A thorough analysis of purchases and overhead to control your costs and improve profitability


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