Corporate and Personal Taxes

Shrinivas, Elliot & Eday LLP has experienced CPAs who are well versed in tax law and can provide you with the optimum tax outcomes based on your particular situation. We look at every item of income and expenses and ensure that you are getting the best tax treatment as allowed by law. This includes ensuring that income is properly classified (taxable versus non-taxable, ordinary income versus capital gains, etc.) as well as ensuring that you are taking all legally permitted deductions. Our approach emphasizes research and planning; we are not merely “return preparers”. We identify supportable tax scenarios and guide you every step of the way.

Our services include :

Preparation and planning services for:
1. C Corporations, S Corporations and LLCs
2. High Net Worth Individuals, Health Care Professions & Institutions, Professionals, Foreign Nationals and Graduate Students
3. Partnerships
4. Tax & Audit Defense
5. Trusts and Estates
6. Non-profit organizations

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