About Us

High quality accounting and tax professionals with 20+ years experience. Personalized, friendly and courteous service understanding of the “big picture” as well as attention to detail. Improve your cash flows and profitability through better controls, reporting and analysis. Minimize your taxes through effective tax planning. We care about you and work with you as partners .We provide you with Customized “DASHBOARD” to help you navigate and grow your business/medical practice

RAVEE SHRINIVAS, is a CPA and has an MBA in Finance. He has over 25 years of experience in audit, tax and financial matters.

ROBERT S. ELLIOTT, is both a Tax Attorney and a CPA. He has over 25 years of experience in tax, accounting, legal and financial matters.

EDAY JAGADEESAN, is a CPA and has an MBA in Accounting. He has over 15 years of experience in audit, tax and financial matters.


Compilations and Audits

The level of service is determined by your needs as the client, and what you or your creditors and/or investors require...


Corporate and Personal Taxes

We look at every item of income and expenses and ensure that you are getting the best tax treatment as allowed by law...


International Tax services

We are high quality boutique CPA firm with offers in New York and New Jersy . The 4 CPA partners...


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Good accounting records are an important foundation for generating management reports that help you run your business...


Payroll and Sales tax services

Shrinivas Elliott & Eday LLP provides comprehensive payroll processing and payroll tax reporting services for clients.


Business Advisory Services

Our team includes entrepreneurs and accountants who can provide you a complete check up of your business ...


Physicians Practice Advisory Services

Helping Medical Practices Grow and Thrive


Key Benefits

Payroll and Sales tax services

Attention to Detail

Effective Tax Planning

Medical Practice Management

Controls, Reporting & Analysis

Customized “DASHBOARD”